Planning Your Long-term Content Strategy

This is an open forum class in which you will listen and learn from teachers that are experienced in creating and executing content marketing campaigns.  

Join fellow founders and marketers in learning the secrets to consistently producing a long-term content strategy that works for your startup. 

In this workshop,  you will uncover the vast world of content marketing and how the pros formulate a content strategy and stick with it to produce incredible ROI. We will cover the following information on content marketing.

-Planning a long-term strategy

-Learn to be consistent in your strategy

-Understand how to deal with obstacles 

-Achieving ROI from your content efforts

-What should a long-term plan look like? 

-How to get started using a long-term plan

-How to transition existing marketing efforts into a new strategy


Class 1: Introduction to Content Marketing
Class 3: Creating a Content Strategy
Class 4: Creating a content framework
Class 5: Writing great content
Class 6: How to efficiently promote content
Class 7:KPIs for your content campaign