What is content marketing?

Marketing process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.

What does content marketing do?

Content marketing is the front line to educating potential customers about the product. It plays a major role in building a relationship between your brand and your customers.

How does content help acquire new customers?

Content is the gas that fuels the inbound method. In order to push an attracted visitor to the convert phase content need to be there. 

What are the steps?

Identifying your plan will help you create content more easily.

1.Generate ideas for content

2. Plan a long-term content strategy

3. Build a content creation framework

4. Become and efficient writer or hire one.

      -SMALL MISTAKES WILL take away from your credibility.

5. Repurpose content to extend its life

6. Effectively promote your content

7. Analyze and measure your results

8. Develop a growth marketing mentality

How do I start a Buyer Persona?

Name of the Persona:





Buyer Persona Example

Mary from NYC


She is a self-employed entrepreneur based in NYC. She travels frequently.



Age: 30-40

University Degree

Income 100-120k/year



Balance work and family while still being able to eat/live healthy.

Spend as little time as possible working out and preparing meals.



Struggles to find the time to make meals herself.

Struggles to find the time to make it to the gym.



Mary spends 10 hours a day totally immersed in her work. She enjoys reading lifestyle websites on nights and weekends. Mary rarely has time to read long-form content that doesn’t fit her into the scope of her work.

Content Marketing Produces Results
Content Marketing Produces Results
Content Marketing Produces Results
Where do Ideas come from?

Helpful quotes. 

“Idea creation isn’t about waiting for ideas to strike, it’s a process.”

"An Idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old ideas."



Reason to have an idea process

Uncover ideas that you may not have come up with on your own.

            -You will always benefit from other people helping you come up with ideas.

You will run out of good ideas.

            -Sooner of later you will run out of ideas.

            - Eventually, content fatigue will set in, and you will find yourself struggling to think of content.

Grow responsibly and keep up with increased demand.

            -If something major happens or if someone leaves, you need a system to fall back on.

 A process for creating ideas will allow you to come up with a predictable flow of original content ideas.

The Ideation Process
  1. Gathering new material

Read and consume content from a wide variety of places.

-Be curious, you never know what will be good for your niche. Consume more than just marketing content.

- Helps to maintain a repository for all ideas.

  1. Digest the material

            - Look for relationship connections and combinations.

  1. Unconscious processing.

            - Stop trying to bring those ideas together and do something different.

            - Go for a run, go have lunch and listen to music. Do whatever you like where you are not thinking about the ideas. The point here is to let your mind rest.

  1. Eureka moment

            -An idea will pop into your head. “it will come randomly” write it down!!

How do new ideas help?

You will need to consistently come up with new ideas that will help guide customers through the inbound method. 

Having a process for new ideas will allow you to quickly form new content that support failing parts of your inbound funnel. 


Two main ways to generate ideas


When alone, you want to consider the following. 

Always begin by creating or looking at the buyer persona! 

  • What are the buyer persona reading habits?
    • Put yourself in their shoes.
    • Are there specific things they read?
      • Try interviewing them
      • Once you have a list of blogs or outlets, use buzzsumo to see what has the best social media performance.
    • What are your competitors doing?
      • Content that does well for them will likely work well for you.
        • Use buzzsumo to check the stats.

With the team:

Invite persons from all over the office, not just the marketing team.  

            -Pick someone to moderate and set a clear agenda

                        -Don’t make it a chance to hang out

            -Create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable

                        -Use icebreakers.

            - Use braindumps

                        -A braindump is an uninterrupted period of time when you jot down any ideas that come to mind.

            -Use sticky notes, whiteboard or other visual aids.

            -Remember that the main goal is to generate new and unexpected ideas.

Bad brainstorming

Don’t evaluate anything.

Don’t force participation or sequence.

Don’t anyone allow to judging questions.

Don't allow the moderator to knock ideas. 

Don't allow the meeting to get off task. 


Good brainstorming


Capture everything.

No bad ideas.

Encourage participation. Don’t be afraid to call someone out. “Frank, any thoughts or ideas”

Allow people to ask clarifying questions.

Ask participants to think about ideas before hand. 

Invite many different people. 

Use visual aids. 


boosted University
boosted University
boosted University
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