Introduction to Content Marketing - class 1

This is an open forum class in which you will listen and learn from other small business owners seeking to either start or boost a Content Marketing strategy. 

In this introductory class, you will discover what content marketing campaigns can do for your business. We will cover the following information on content marketing. 

-What is Content Marketing?

-What is the purpose of CM?

-The role CM plays in obtaining new leads and new customers. 

-What a CM campaign looks like.

-Options to effectively promote a CM campaign. 

-Analyzing results and improving. 

In addition to CM, this intro class will cover the inbound methodology and how it is fueled by the content your business produces. The remaining classes in the series will dive deeper into creating and executing the perfect CM campaign for your business. 

Content Marketing Produces Results
Content Marketing Produces Results
Content Marketing Produces Results
Class 2: Coming up with ideas for content
Class 3: Creating a Content Strategy
Class 4: Creating a content framework
Class 5: Writing great content
Class 6: How to efficiently promote content
Class 7:KPIs for your content campaign