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By: Otis Roffman of Study Breaks @Otis Roffman 1 THE IMPORTANCE AND INEFFICIENCIES OF LANGUAGE Boost Linguistics, co-founded by Ethan Bresnahan, seeks to optimize human communication to prevent misinterpretation. than Bresnahan is a senior at Drexel University, and co-founder of Boost Linguistics, a company that specializes in taking the writing of its clientele and adjusting the […]

Emotion WILL Make Your Content Go Viral

Reasons Why Emotion WILL Make Your Content Go Viral

By: Jeff Nowak @Jefnwk 1 Reasons Why Emotion WILL Make Your Content Go Viral Buzzsumo director, Steve Rayson, recently published an article titled, We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research). *Want to skip my preamble and see the emotional analysis of top performing headlines? Head to The Results at the bottom. Steve’s article is a plethora […]

Optimize Headlines for Emotion

Optimize Headlines for Emotion

By: Jeff Nowak @Jefnwk 1 Want to get more shares with a headline? Optimize for this emotion. Boost Linguistics released an emotional analysis function so I decided to test it out on 100 blog post headlines to see which emotion led to the most shares. Want to skip my research methods and see the best emotion […]

Jeff Bezos Emotional Tone Analysis

Emotional Tone Analysis of a Jeff Bezos Email to Amazon Employees

By: Jeff Nowak @jefnwk 1 Jeff Bezos Emotional Tone Analysis The following article is a sentiment analysis of a recent email sent to all Amazon employees by Jeff Bezos. ITs no secret that Amazon has recently been purchasing companies that we all know of, and in some cases (Whole Foods), love. With every acquisition comes […]

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Tone of the sharks – REVEALED!

By: Ethan Bresnahan @boostedethan 1 Every autumn night I find that a large part of America is caught up in watching one of the most successful reality show-Shark Tank! Call it whatever you want, but as a business student, I find that the way the contestants adapt to various situations thrown at them by the […]

Which Emotions Drive The Most Popular Marketing Blogs?

By: Jeff Nowak @jefnwk 1 Emotions Drive Popular Marketing Blogs There has been a lot of hype around headlines lately. This is due to many things, but one of the key drivers is the Buzzsumo study that analyzed 100million headlines from 2017. Want to skip my preamble and jump right to the results? Scroll down to “The […]