Get the Most out of Text in Your Content Marketing Campaigns

How to get the most out of text in your content marketing campaigns

The power of Embedding Emotion in your Content Marketing Campaign.

“Make your customers happy, and you’ll win their business for life. Your competition won’t stand a chance.”- @neilpatel

Reaching your existing audience on an emotional level

This article will contain references to sentiment analysis research conducted by Boost Linguistics.

Content marketing has become one of the largest pieces of a brand’s marketing strategy. However, successful campaign strategies are now met with the concern over channel consumers succumbing to content shock. Markets in which content uploaded on blogs, tweets, and e-books increase in popularity, audiences are now met with the challenge of content over saturation. For this reason, marketing teams may start to utilize the recent advancements in NLP to connect with existing and potential customers on an emotional level.

The Power of Emotion

“Content marketers get so caught up in the latest technology and SEO techniques, analyzing traffic…they forget that buying is about 85% emotional and only 15% logical.”- @johnungerr

Embedding emotion and creating content that elicits emotion will resonate better with your audience and more importantly to the content marketer, boost social media metrics. This realization has caused content marketers to search for methods of understanding the emotions they should be working to embed in campaigns. Advancements in metrics can already be seen through the use of emotional content in campaigns.

Word Smithing is a Major Key to Eliciting Emotion through Text

“I often have to inject emotion into the headline. You have to give the reader a bit of a preview and say, quotation here’s the emotion you’re going to feel when you read these statistics…” –Source Liz Bedor

Word smithing is a major key to success when embedding emotion into a piece of content. Content markers are beginning to adapt by spending 50% of the content creation process editing the text of a long form piece(500–2000 words). Going over the text repeatedly can be a mind numbingly slow decision process, much like thumbing through a thesaurus. The content editors spend hours, even days, reviewing and are still left assuming that the audience will react well to the text of the final piece.

A Problem Lies in Word Smithing.

In order to achieve the target emotion in every piece of text content it would take a true master editor with a lifelong experience alongside their audience. Not a master? Then word smithing can add some serious time to your creation process, but will support efforts to embed emotion into the text of content.

Love, an all too Familiar word to Content Marketers

Love is used constantly by content marketers to elicit positive emotions in their audiences. Data shows Love is the second highest word in it’s synonym family to elicit the emotion happiness. Through consistent practice, content marketers have been able to narrow it down to a few words that can always stroke the audience’s emotional side. With the rapid increase in the amount of content being produced, however, some words may have less of an effect on emotion than initially assumed.

The following headlines have been carefully crafted to connect brand and audience on an emotional level:

“Product’s you’ll Love”

“Home of everything you love and more”

Have a look at some headlines that will forge an even stronger connection between brand and buyer:

“Products you’ll appreciate”

“Home of everything you appreciate and more”

Using a simple wordsmithing process we’ll edit two headlines by replacing love with a synonym of higher emotional charge. Appreciate the tip in your next content piece.

Boost Linguistics

Word smithing, with a basic understanding of your audience, will support in the effort to connect with an audience on an emotional level through content marketing campaigns. Simple tactics and careful editing are the major keys to success and a major player in cutting down time and creating successful pieces of content.

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