Get More LinkedIn Endorsements

How to Get More LinkedIn Endorsements

By: Jeff Nowak @jefnwk 1 How to Get More LinkedIn Endorsements There are key metrics people chase on LinkedIn; 500+ connections, an all-star profile ranking, just to name a few. In this post, I’ll be covering how to reach a major LinkedIn milestone, achieving 99+ endorsements on a skill. Originally, I thought it would be […]

Adjust Voice Tone

By: Esther Kleit @Esther 1 Adjust Your Voice Tone The hardest part of using text as a primary form of communication is presenting the right tone. When communicating verbally, controlling your tone comes naturally. With text, tone and inflection are indicated through word choice. Using the Boost Editor, I break down two sentences and show how word choice […]

10 Inspiring Header Images

10 Inspiring Header Images

By: Jeff Nowak @Jefnwk 1 10 Inspiring Header Images To Help Boost Your Next Post Header images have become common practice on social networks. For good reason too, adding a header image is the easiest way to increase engagement more than 2x. Header images are still helping posts receive higher engagement. However, because this is becoming common […]

Emotional Inbound Marketing

Emotion: Your Secret Weapon to Boost Inbound Marketing

By: Ethan Bresnahan @boostedethan 1 Emotional Inbound Marketing If you’re not using emotion in your inbound content — you’re doing it wrong. Inbound marketing is a marketing practice focused on attracting customers through content that is relevant and helpful — with the purpose of forging a stronger relationship with a prospect or customer. The inbound methodology classifies prospects into […]