Adjust Voice Tone

By: Esther Kleit @Esther 1 Adjust Your Voice Tone The hardest part of using text as a primary form of communication is presenting the right tone. When communicating verbally, controlling your tone comes naturally. With text, tone and inflection are indicated through word choice. Using the Boost Editor, I break down two sentences and show how word choice […]

Optimize Headlines for Emotion

Optimize Headlines for Emotion

By: Jeff Nowak @Jefnwk 1 Want to get more shares with a headline? Optimize for this emotion. Boost Linguistics released an emotional analysis function so I decided to test it out on 100 blog post headlines to see which emotion led to the most shares. Want to skip my research methods and see the best emotion […]

emotional tone of the sharks_1

Tone of the sharks – REVEALED!

By: Ethan Bresnahan @boostedethan 1 Every autumn night I find that a large part of America is caught up in watching one of the most successful reality show-Shark Tank! Call it whatever you want, but as a business student, I find that the way the contestants adapt to various situations thrown at them by the […]