Get More LinkedIn Endorsements

How to Get More LinkedIn Endorsements

By: Jeff Nowak @jefnwk 1 How to Get More LinkedIn Endorsements There are key metrics people chase on LinkedIn; 500+ connections, an all-star profile ranking, just to name a few. In this post, I’ll be covering how to reach a major LinkedIn milestone, achieving 99+ endorsements on a skill. Originally, I thought it would be […]

Get Ready With Me Content Creators

Get Ready With Me-For Content Creators

By: Esther Kleit @Esther 1 Get Ready With Me-For Content Creators 1 Learn alongside brilliant marketers like yourself.  1 Clickbait Can’t Be Stopped Blog posts, Content marketing, Misc Clickbait Can’t Be Stopped 10 Signs You’re an Inbound Marketer Content marketing, Inbound marketing 10 Signs You’re an Inbound Marketer Boost Editor Launch Thunderclap Content marketing, Misc Boost […]

Clickbait Can’t Be Stopped

Clickbait Can’t Be Stopped

By: Esther Kleit @Esther 1 xkcd comic “Headlines” Clickbait Can’t Be Stopped Because of this Brain Function Why Clickbait Works:Clickbait relies on different aspects of anxiety like curiosity and affirmation, no matter the type of clickbait. “Curiosity is basically like an itch that we just have to scratch, it makes us click on things we know […]

boost linguistics thunderclap

Boost Editor Launch Thunderclap

By: Jeff Nowak @Jefnwk 1 Boost Editor Launch Thunderclap Two weeks ago the Boost Linguistics team released the Boost Editor. To promote the launch we selected 5 different methods. A Thunderclap campaign destined to control #contentmarketing on Twitter during Content Marketing World 2017 was one of the 5. 1.34million seemed impossible for a company with a social media following […]